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Bed Bugs - How to get rid of bed bugs

Reduce Bed Bugs Dust

Any house that's been occupied for a few months or more has bed bugs. They're one of the invisible inevitable that we don't like to think about (like the apparently harmless creatures recently discovered to live on your eyelashes - they're not pretty, but fortunately they don't seem to bother their hosts, us). Anyway, back to bed bugs dust. There are some simple things you can do, any of which will help. You'll probably find that applying them to your bedroom alone will do the trick:

1. Get rid of the carpeting, or replace it with a short-nap variety. If you're renting, I guess this isn't an option for you. Our present house has carpet throughout, the first room of the house to get a hard surface will be his bedroom.

2. Get a plastic mattress and pillow cover; you place these under the mattress pad / fitted sheet and pillow case, respectively. They're not terribly comfortable, but they do help our son a lot.

3. Clean, clean, clean! We vaccuum our son's bedroom at least once a week, change or wash the bedding (including blankets) weekly, try to wipe down the walls at least once a month.

4. Try to limit the amount of wall-hangings. Basically, you want to reduce the dust-traps in the bedroom. Posters and frilly curtains are big no-no's, as are plush toys (thankfully our son is beyond those -- you're probably not overly attached to any, either.

5. If you have a window-mounted air-conditioner, clean the dust-filter often, like, every week. (You may want to get such a unit for the summer if you don't already have one. They help.) If the room has radiant heating (e.g.: electric baseboard heaters, or forced-hot-water), so much the better. If not, perhaps you may want to heat it with an electric space-heater.

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